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Visual Arts

Visual Arts is major provided on the first and second level of higher education, which based on comprehensive artistic education in the field of Visual Arts which results in gaining knowledge, abilities and social skills in the field of using varying art media, including artistic expressions. The program consists:

  • subjects from the field of theory and history of art, contemporary art, animation of visual culture, which serve the purpose of gaining a broader cognitive perspective, development of creative attitude, artists being open to new challenges and taking various roles related to functioning in a society as a creator,
  • subjects from the field of fine arts like painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture,
  • subjects from the field of multimedia, intermedia, photography and film,
  • optional subjects from the field of new media (digital arts and digital animation), graphic design (advertising and publication design).

Learning outcomes:

  • students’ intensive preparation for individual, creative work in the field of visual arts based on learning outcomes considering student’s individual interests,
  • development of the ability to independent explorations of new forms, means of expression and media, allow the use of interdisciplinary contemporary and future language
  • development of the ability to use of traditional and modern artistic media
  • gaining general, theoretical art history and modern art knowledge
  • students’ preparation for participation in regional, country and international cultural and artistic life.

The following factors have been taken into consideration when determining the study program:

  • tradition of art education in the field of visual arts, in which a fundamental place for the artistic development is a master studio, a basis for teaching: relations between master and apprentice, furthermore emphasing the general art education being a base of creative development, the search for individual artistic form, understanding its purpose, basis for conditionality of different lines of activity in the field of digital media, or applied arts,
  • on account of the general academic profile – the artistic-research activities carried under University staff in the field of visual arts and art conservation, resulted in development of work direction, reflections, look at the art confronted with the theoretical thoughts, art education and other fields of study
  • modern technical and technological development allowing students to create medial complexed works and plastic projects, preparing them for functioning in complicated reality, in which various means of expression mix with each other creating phenomenon described as intermedia and multimedia,
  • course placement in University allowing the pursuit of interdisciplinarity and cooperation with representatives of other disciplines and a scientific and artistic field, finally placing students in multicultural, complexed community, offering possibilities of cooperation and contribution to the university
  • Świętokrzyskie regional needs, associated with necessity to deliver labour providing support for local creative industry, which are functioning on the basis of strategy for Kielce city and świętokrzyskie voivodship development, and show a big interest in our graduates still at the stage of education, for example: for. institution involved in the dissemination of culture and art, institutions, companies, organizations with promotional structures and companies working closely with advertising, publishing and exhibition design,
  • internationalization being an important aspect of modern art, artistic exchange via student’s preparation – future graduates to readiness for changes including those based on place of residence, work, participation in international projects, artistic initiatives, the attitudes of openness toward different beliefs, traditions, cultures and nationalities.
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